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Navi olmak / be a Navi


Insan, Kentlerde yaşamaya uygun bir varlık değil!!!

Neden mi?

Çünkü Şehirlerde  Hormanlarımız düzgün salgılanmıyor.

Hormanlarımızın doğal işlem sürecine müdahale ediliyor.

Peki Bu eylemin öznesi Kent mi? Yoksa Kentlerin inşaa edilmesiyle gelişen sistem mi?

Ben buna Kentsel yaşam ve yozlaşmaları diyorum.

-A Social Project of a Musician


In this Article i will introduce Guillaume Besson.

But this is very arduous.

Because this Man have a very speciall Character & Personality.

I don’t know how can I describe him, but I can say that he makes very important things,  what is for the humanity very important.

Guillaume (William) Besson is firstly a Musician.

I have meet him before 5 years in this way.

After that we have since today a very nice Contact & Friendship.

He has different Idea’s about the Life and works since a time about the “Project Karmawisch” .

The best way to know more about him is to ask him;

As he work in the Music branch he lived in London , Paris and now in Berlin.

He’s untraceable because everyday he can come with a new Project or Talent.

Let’s know him self and ask him together some Questions ;)