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In this Article i will introduce Guillaume Besson.

But this is very arduous.

Because this Man have a very speciall Character & Personality.

I don’t know how can I describe him, but I can say that he makes very important things,  what is for the humanity very important.

Guillaume (William) Besson is firstly a Musician.

I have meet him before 5 years in this way.

After that we have since today a very nice Contact & Friendship.

He has different Idea’s about the Life and works since a time about the “Project Karmawisch” .

The best way to know more about him is to ask him;

As he work in the Music branch he lived in London , Paris and now in Berlin.

He’s untraceable because everyday he can come with a new Project or Talent.

Let’s know him self and ask him together some Questions ;)

Filiz: Dear Guillaume , before all else i thank u that for sparing time for me.

I want everyone out there to know what u do, like your “Music”, your new “Project Karmawisch “…

Let’s not waste time and start with your exciting story!

When did u begin to make Music?

Guillaume: Hi Filiz I started making playing music when I was 11. I learnt the piano first for a few years and then I learnt the guitar and took some singing lessons. So I have been playing music for more than half of my life.

Filiz : Why do u use in your Music Life the name “WILLIAM BESSON”?

Guillaume is a very common name in France but a very difficult one for English speaking people. It’s hard to remember to say and to spell so I decided to use the English translation which is William. Simple as that 

Filiz : How can u describe u your Music?

Guillaume: My music has evolved over the years. At the beginning it was more pop-rock and then under the influence of my friends more into electronic music I started to play around this genre.

Right now I would say it’s something between Depeche mode and Morcheeba but I also would like to go back to more instrumental songs. It’s all about phases and what you feel like doing in the present moment.

Filiz : Why have u give time off to your Music Life?

Guillaume : It is true that I have stopped completely for 2 years now. Strictly no music after playing 15 hours every week! When I was in London it was my goal to make it in the music business. I have stopped because I was disheartened for many reasons. First it’s more and more difficult to make a living with music if you’re not famous. People download and don’t really understand that creation has a cost. Moreover I understood that it was not about talent at all. Making it in this industry requires a certain personality. You need to be quite extrovert, sell yourself and make connections all the time with the intent of using them. I just felt these elements were not part of my personality and they are absolutely crucial if you want to succeed.

Right now I have decided to start again but with no intent of making a living with it. After all music just as any art should be performed for the love of it before anything else.

Filiz : With which musicians have you worked together?

Guillaume : I have played with lots of good musicians in London. I have made a duet called “Love to bleed” with Kate Havnevik. She’s produced by Guy Sigsworth who produced Bjork. She’s done most of the music you can hear on Grey Anatomy. I got to meet Morcheeba too in their studio.

Filiz : Why are u in Berlin now?

Guillaume : I have spent 5 years in London and 3 in Paris. I had my time in London and something was missing in Paris. I think the value of life is in the people you meet. London was great for this but it’s a very difficult town. Very expensive and the people can be quite individualistic. Paris has the same problem except that you won’t be able to meet so many interesting people. French people tend to hang out together so I was missing the international aspect of the town dearly.

Berlin is a fantastic place. People are not so obsessed with money. They are open minded and it’s very rich on the artistic side. I feel free and self-fulfilled there.

Filiz : What is Karmawish?

Guillaume : Karmawish is an idea I had more than a year ago. It’s a web platform where people can help each other for free. Usually in the real world it’s between 2 people, on karmawish it’s between 3 people. You help someone and get helped in return by anyone else in the world. This way you’re not confined to the abilities of the person you’ve just helpded. We would love it to be an alternative to the capitalist system. We just need to reinforce the community aspect to meet this goal and Internet is the perfect tool for this.

Filiz : Can u give me some example about Karmawish people and their wishes?

Guillaume : Everything is possible really. We’ve had some people needing cat-sitting in Iran some want information on a country where they wish to travel, some would like a pen pal! But you can also ask for clothers or food…

Filiz : What are u planning with this project?

Guillaume : Well the goal is to be as big as a website like couchsurfing.com. This way we could employ some people and make sure the concept is available in remote places where they really need help.

Filiz : What’s your aim?

Guillaume : Just doing my bit to better this world.

Filiz : Do you think that there is a common cause for the many and varied problems people all over the world have?

Guillaume : I think it more or less links with your question about the biggest problem in world right now. I would say the common root to every problem is ignorance as it leads to misunderstanding and conflicts.

Filiz : On your Karmawish page i have read the article about “Honour Killing”.

What, in general, do u think about Turkey?

Guillaume : I have never been Turkey so it would be ill-advised for me to comment or say anything about Turkey. In my head Turkey is really the link between Orient and Occident. Probably a country with loads of contrasts, a country between traditions and modernism. I know that respect of human rights is still a big problem in Turkey but I could say the same for France it’s just more hidden in my country.

Filiz : What is the biggest problem of the World?

Guillaume : I would say ignorance. When no one knows about something horrible does it really exist?

Ignorance is also the root for misunderstanding, people are afraid of things they don’t know/understand, that’s often how conflicts start.

Filiz : Do you u also have new projects in your music career?

Guillaume : Yes! I am trying to find a band here in Berlin as a singer. I am missing performing on stage. I might also be making new music but that will be if I get the time to do so. Karmawish is the priority now.

Filiz : How would you describe the relationships between people in the global system?

Is trust still possible in a globalized world?

Guillaume : I strongly believe in trust. Media wants us to believe the world is only full of evil people. They try to keep us scared but that’s not right. They are millions of good people willing to help each other. Look at Couchsurfing.com, care2.com even ebay is a great exemple. Think of the millions of people who send money before receiving the item they purchased, now that is trust!

Filiz : Do u think that the changing of Humanity is positive or negative at this time ?

Because “Karmawish” is in my opinion an extraordinary movement.

Like an Counter View to the world.

Guillaume : I think things are getting worse and worse but at the same time I see some sort of global conscience emerging thanks to the Internet so I am a bit hopeful. Everything is not lost and the change can happen but it has to come from the people.

Filiz : Have u an Projekt where u can make also music a karmawish together?

Guillaume : In fact we’re implemeting communities soon on karmawish so there will be groups of musicians willing to help each other for example.

A lot of good things are to come.



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Dear Guillaume , thank's for the Interview and your Patience...

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